Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mothers and Daughters

Why is it that Mothers and Daughters have such an intense relationship? How long does it take before we transition from the love hate situation of teenagers, to best friends? Seriously, there are times I am worried about making it through the rough years, so we can enjoy the rest of our lives together. She is only with us for so long. I know this for sure, because my oldest son is about to leave the nest for college, and suddenly I wish we had done this and that, and then maybe this.... And why can't you be home more, and why do you only come home to change and go out again? It's hard to let go, it's harder to let go, when they are right in front of you. Which is absolutely what you need to do at this age. Let go and let teen. Let go of the snappy little comeback you have to the zinger she throws you in retaliation to your simply asking her to pick up her things from the floor. Let go when she is trying out make up that it probably too much for her to wear, unless she looks down right slutty - let it slide. Probably having a peer tell her "yuck" will have a much bigger impact than your telling her it looks "yucky." Sometimes you just have to love 'em to death, untl they finally give in. That is, if you are still standing after the last knock down drag out, all out battle. From my perspective, if we each give a little, we will both get a little of what we need.

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