Saturday, February 7, 2009

It is All About LOVE.

It has been too long since I blogged. This was an un-planned absence. Life got in the way, but that happens when parenting. A lay off at work, a BAD case of the flu, a husband on travel in India for 3 weeks, and a son who suddenly decided to change colleges. I had to choose between loving and supporting those who needed me and the blog for a few weeks..... But now I'm back! Happy February! Show your kids some LOVE. Let your kids see you showing your spouse some LOVE - it's how they learn to LOVE! And it is definitely all about LOVE, everything we do every day should be done with love. As parents, hey - as people, if our actions aren't ignited by love, then they come from fear. No one wants to live a life in fear. You can't be happy living with a fear of rejection, fear of doing wrong, fear of letting someone down, the list can go on forever. If you lovingly try to help someone and it doesn't work, it's okay; because you did it with love. If you try something new because of the love you have for discovery, and it doesn't pan out - it's okay. You tried and you grew from it, whether successful or not. If you DON'T try something because of your fear of not succeeding, and you DON'T help out, because your afraid it won't be enough, or won't measure up to someone else's brand of help, then you lose. By acting in fear, you become incapciated. You've not only lost the mere opportunity to love someone, you lost out on loving yourself. Children witnessing their parent's fear taking the reins of their lives, they too, may grow up viewing life first through the seive of fear instead of love. Let your love and passion for those you love run rampant over the fear we all have and try to hide. Let love grow, and you will soon see the fear in your life minimized. Don't be afraid to spend more time with your kids than you do cleaning some days. Don't be afraid to take some time off from work, to spend more time with your family. Don't be afraid to pass up an invitation out to spend the night home with your kids once in ahwile. Because, from my perspective.... children spell love like this: T - I - M - E. Show your love by giving your time. Because our time with our kids is never long enough.

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Jessica said...

It is great to spend time with is so very important!