Monday, May 11, 2009

Joey Totes - A "Must Have" for Parents

Parent’s, don’t you hate it when you hit the Grocery, on the way home for a quick few fresh and healthy items, and as you’re getting ready to check out WHACK, you wanna hit yourself in the head, because once again, you are at the store, with NO reusable bags to avoid getting a few more plastic bags that you don’t want or need?
Check out Joey Totes! I was turned on to them this weekend. Ordering 1 – actually gets you a three pack of graduated sizes. Keep em in your glove compartment, your purse, your pocket, your desk drawer at work...
  1. They pack up slim and small to fit in your purse, or back pocket if needed.
  2. A small drawstring pouch within the bag provides a place to stash your keys or cash if you are using your tote for a day trip - or going to the gym or something.
  3. They are Washable!
  4. Neat and small fold up size is perfect for a bringing lunch back and forth to school and/or work.

What's not to LOVE?

Check them out and bonus – here is a promotion code for a 10% discount!

Promotion Code: JTs ROCK

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