Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DC Suburb Middle School Embraces Twitter to Communicate to Parents!

Rockville, MD. June 17th, 2009. Redland Middle School . Principal, Robert Sinclair announced today, via his email distribution list to parents, the school's new utilization of Twitter as an additional communications tool to reach out to parents and school community members as needed. For those of you not already enjoying the big buzz of connecting via Twitter, is a free, social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time.
When asked, Why Twitter? Mr. Sinclair responded, "My reasoning is to get more parents more actively involved in their children’s education and to inform parents about what is going on and how they can play a more prominent role in their child’s education."

Mostly known and used in Social Media Marketing circles, Twitter is quickly becoming more accepted by "traditional" press, advertising, customer service departments, customer feedback, and plain 'ole socializing! And now it appears, schools!

So, "two thumbs up" to Robert Sinclair; his commitment to effective distribution of information as accurately and efficiently as possible, and his equally tenacious efforts in collecting community feedback, input and suggestions.

Already appreciated for his use of technology to keep connected, including: 'Friday wrap up the week' Emails, Yahoo Distribution list, (providing parents with the morning announcements and more), auto caller for absentee student confirmations and important reminders, automated teacher grade books for parental viewing and more, his addition of Twitter to his communication arsenal reveals he is a principal willing to think out of the box and use multiple tools, to reach multiple people, via multiple preferred ways of communication!

From My Perspective: Principals embracing Twitter are Principals who are committed to connecting and communicating with their school's community! A community of parents in the know, are much more involved and active in both their student's lives and school activities - and that... ladies and gentlemen, lays the groundwork for our children to become adults who are committed and involved members of their communitites! ... and this is a good thing.

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