Wednesday, June 10, 2009

They Didn't Have This When I Was Having Babies! - Chic&Cozy Blanket Bag

I've just discovered my new favorite Baby Shower and/or Welcome Baby Gift! This fashionable "blanket bag" called the Chic&Cozy made by ChicTots is beautifully made, durable, washable and so well designed and thought out, you just know a mom must have designed it!

And she did! Michele Good, designer and "Chief Mom" over at ChicTots, nursed this idea in addition to other way hip mom/baby accessories from conception to distribution! Momprenuership at its best!

The Chic&Cozy is such a clever product in it's uniqueness and simplicity at the same time. It doesn't look like anything I've seen before; yet it is not overworked or trying to be anything it isn't. It is simply an attractive, ergonomic, useful bag that converts to a clean, cuddly and cozy play blankie for baby.

The soft and inviting fuzzy lining of the blanket, paired with a choice of bright and fashionably patterned fabrics creates the "chic&cozy" factor. A drawstring on each side of the blanket transforms this chameleon of a product from blankie to a convenient tote type bag, complete with pockets on the inside to store smaller bits of gear.

I think back to how many times I held my kids and swayed back and forth as I waited either at an airport or a doctor's office, etc - not wanting to let the baby down because of the guck on the ground!

Frustrating thing is, Parent's magazine advertised this as being available at, and yet I searched all over the website to order one for my boss (who went into labor TODAY) - good luck JG!!

I pictured myself getting the call, finding out what she had and ordering the Chic&Cozy in the appropriate color mix as soon as I knew.

Dear Target, please don't advertise a hot new product and then not suppport me in my efforts to buy it!

But fear not, the Chictots Website: has the listing of the 800 stores that are carrying the Chic& Cozy, and I've been assured it will be added to their web site soon. (If a few weeks is soon to you)! Me, I'll have to blow my carbon footprint and drive over to the Target instead of having it shipped to me.

You all however, will be able to order this on line shortly.

From my perspective, being able to give mom a super useful, yet chic and stylish gift, is giving her the best of both worlds!


Jessica Knows said...

So frustrating that you can't buy it online at even though it says otherwise in Parents Magazine. did you talk to someone at Target? Did they tell you why?

I've got the "minky" cozy lined one and I'm going to buy one with the terry cloth lining at Target to take to the pool and the beach this summer!

Michele (@chictots) said...

The launch on was supposed to be simultaneous with the launch on Target store shelves, but is running a bit behind - Chic&Cozy will be available 6/38 at dotcom!
The Parents mag piece is editorial - not advertising - and technically Chic&Cozy should have been available at the time issue came out. Just a few more weeks!

The Mom said...

I think @chictots meant to say 6/30 not 6/38 - oh gosh I couldn't handle a month with 38 days in it! :) CHECK OUT CHICTOTS great line - too cute!