Thursday, February 11, 2010

Justin's Quest

With his parent's love and support, 13 year old Justin manages to find a reason for his recent diagnosis - an inoperable brain tumor, "God knew I could beat it" and "I need to find a cure so other kids, less fortunate than me, won't have to experience what I'm going through."

Justin is quite simply, an extraordinary 13 year-old boy. With drive and determination that set him apart from most teens, Justins decided his response to this devastating diagnosis is to find a cure for brain tumors

Justin intends to make 40,000 baskets
 representing the 40,000 people who die from
Brain Tumors every year.

Justin’s Quest begins here:  Please consider helping this incredibly courageous young man reach his goal.  Here is a child, who even though he is facing the hardest thing in his life he could ever imagine, he manages to think more of the 'greater good' than of himself.

From My Perspective, Justin's response to this disease truly defined who he is as a person:  a courageous, strong and determined leader, one who has my complete respect and admiration.

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