Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Procrastination - A Hard Hole to Get Out Of

As recently posted on http://totallyher.com/forum Procrastination - It's plagued me off and on my whole life. Recently found "The Now Habit" by Fiore very helpful. When I find myself slipping, I listen to it in my car to and from work. Backwards as this may sound, it often affects people who have very high standards, a certain type of perfectionism need; if not completely confident they are doing something as close to perfect as possible, it becomes to stressful to even begin. The uncertainty drives us nuts! - What if the way I pick to execute the project at hand isn't the PERFECT or best way to do it? I had to learn how to convince myself, it's okay to go for it, and if need be, adjust or tweak as needed. If it's not perfect this time, I will have learned and grown from it, and can strive to be closer to the "perfect" way the next time... A close cousin to "what if I fail," procrastination at it's worse prevents us from attempting some of our greatest desires, dreams or passions. If we let this thief steal our ability to accomplish, to regain our confidence and even to execute on life's simple tasks is we are giving up on ourselves. Better to have tried and failed, tried and tripped up, or just simply try than to never have given ourselves a chance at all. Tomorrow - try this one thing: Take a task that you have dodged. Break it into three smaller parts, write down the three steps - in their most simplest form. Write and say it outloud as you do exactly what you will accomplish and when it will be completed by. Then go for it. Don't worry about perfection, don't worry about complete speed, and just getting the x, just focus on the goal at hand, and know how good you will feel when it is done and behind you. I have mine written for tomorrow - it seems I have an allergy to gas stations, banks and post offices. I have the stamped and addressed envelopes taped to my front door. I have a completed deposit slip and check in my purse (hanging on the front door knob). I have a post it on my windshield that says PRETTY MUCH EMPTY. My goal is to have it all done before I walk in the front door of my office. I'll let you know how I do! Good luck

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