Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Saving Green while Living Green"

With today's economy, everyone is doing what they can to save a little here and and there. There is no reason to cut back on your efforts to incorporate green lifestyle changes - there is plenty you can do that doesn't cost a lot of "green $" When you think about it, many of the ways to live green are also great cost saving measures.
Low Cost Green Tips for Today: Gift Giving and Holiday Ideas
  • Kid's Birthday Gift Wrap can be the Sunday Comics! Try the Business or Sports page for Dad (or Mom, if thats what she is into). If you've ever moved, and have left over large cut newsprint, let your kids color the wrapping paper design.
  • For Winter Holidays Wrapping Paper, use any brown paper bags you have left over from the grocery store (if you're not using the re-usable bags, but still better than plastic). Use jute instead of ribbon, it makes a great rustic package, add a few twigs or small pine cones for a real homey touch. Cut "stamps" from kitchen sponges before you throw them away, use gold or silver paint and "stamp" the wrapping paper.
  • Use recycled holiday cards (as in take a card given to you, cut the front illustration side and hole punch and make it the gift card).
  • Save gas by ordering gifts from internet - less gas used in driving around town shopping. Try!
  • Try an electronic holiday card/family letter. I think with a small notation at the bottom that says, something along the effect of, "... in a true effort to reduce paper waste, we have chosen to try and correspond electronically throughout the new year..." cut and paste your family portrait and I bet very few will feel it was a "cop out," besides, it is the thought that counts.
  • Replanting Christmas Trees - What a great way to preserve your holiday memories and help the environment, if your buying a tree anyway, why not buy one that stays around awhile! Great news on this at
  • RE-GIFT, why not, just don't give it to anyone who knows you've already received it. You get something, you don't care for it, you know someone that would love it, isn't it selfish NOT to share it with them? :)
If you have any "Saving Green while Living Green" tips, please share them by commenting on this post. The Holidays are right around the corner, remember - the greatest gift we can give our children, is a healthy and happy world for their future.

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