Thursday, November 27, 2008

Give Your Children the BEST Gift of the Season - The Gift They Shouldn't Live Without

Feeling the stress of pre-holiday gift giving? Always in the search of that "perfect gift." Problem solved! Give your children the gift of knowing the value in living a life being grateful. Make your child happy with this gift! The sooner our children, everyone for that matter, learn that the true secret to happiness is gratitude, the better off we all will be. Help your children find the Zone Being grateful for the many blessings in your life is the best way to keep yourself in the zone - that utopia of positive thinking, paying it forward, treating people with care, sharing your gifts and overall happiness. As parents, we all know our actions teach volumes more than our words. Children who grow up in an environment of grateful and positive people, tend to become another generation of gratefulness. Experience the benefits of living in the Zone People who are focused on and appreciate all they have been given do not have time for envy, jealousy, spitefulness and selfishness. It has been my experience that:
  • Children growing up in this type of environment learn to celebrate their peer's victories and accomplishments versus envying them.
  • Because they can appreciate their peers accomplishments, they allow themselves to be inspired by them, instead of being stifled or intimidated by them.
  • Children grateful for what has been given to them, tend to take care of their gifts, because the appreciate them. This includes both their god given and material gifts.
  • One could make the connection that children raised to appreciate their god-given talents are less likely to abuse their mind or body housing those talents.
  • These children have a better sense of the value each individual offers the world and therefore they are better able to see the positive attributes of the people around them.
Don't stress over the holidays and perfect gifts, you are only instilling this sense of stress in your family at a time when should be for exhibiting gratefulness in all that you have, all that you have created, all that has been given to you, and all that is yet to come. In all things given there is a lesson to be learned. Those who learn it, tend to receive their gifts to the fullest extent. What am I #absolutely grateful for?
  1. My family.
  2. Our health.
  3. Our gifts that enable us to provide for our family.
  4. Our ability to give some of what has been given to us.
  5. My husband, partner, friend and lover.
  6. My daughter when she sings out loud with out knowing it and her passion and zest for life.
  7. My one son's ability to acknowledge the team effort behind his many incredible athletic accomplishments and his determination to get what he wants during the difficult transition between high school and college.
  8. My other son's confident sense in who he is which allows him to defend those his peers would ignore, his sense of justice, his willingness to go against the grain when he feels it is just, and to wear what he wants to wear, not what is expected to wear.
  9. The incredible generous spirit in my new found world of Twitter and all that accompanies it.
  10. My belief in a higher power which enables all of the above.
Happy Thanksgiving, tell someone how grateful you are they are a part of your life. Better yet, show them!

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Stone Lankes Family said...

WOW! To say it any better would be pretty hard. So I am going to be unoriginal and just say Ditto!