Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Necessary Gear for Road Trip Part II

Having boldy dashed off my list of things to pack to for a road trip with kids, I find myself corrected, in a big way. My husband's smart packing is what really made our trip with 3 teenagers and 120 lb lab in the Honda Odyssey do-able. If you made note of my first list, please do add the following items to that list: especially if you have teenagers.
  1. Splitter for the earpohnes on the laptop.
  2. Earphones, extra earpohnes and back up earpphones!
  3. Freshly synced I-touch or phone, with latest and greatest podcasts; This Week in Tech, Buzz Outloud, Security Now, etc.,
  4. Iphone with GPS - gotta love that.
  5. One Pillow and blanket for each kid (teenagers don't really like to share)
  6. DVDs for watching on laptops.
  7. Chargers for phones and laptops.
  8. Flashlight ap for ipod for the "reader" in the van
  9. Card for mom's laptop so she can get internet on the road.
  10. Book for Mom to read when Dad finally loses it and begins his highway attack mode driving

Caution: not wise to bring freshly baked pies in the car with the dog, or if you do, bake double. Caution: when the dog suddenly starts to bark in the car, he realy needs to go, he isn't joking.


  • Plastc bags to pick up what the dog does
  • Patience, lots of patience

We survived, it only took 5.5 hours to do a trip that normall takes 4 hrs. tops, on "Exodus Wednesday" from the DC Metro to New Jersey, just outside the city.

What am I thankful for? Arriving! And much, much more.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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