Saturday, November 22, 2008

Good Design Can Be Provocative

Design. There are many aspects to a good design, no matter the genre. Regardless of type, a clean and pure design speaks to you and draws you in.
From walking the streets of a historic town, admiring the architecture and lines in the design of the buildings to wandering the fashion district, I see examples of good design all around me. I am continually amazed at how the designers managed to top themselves once again. I appreciate the effort and talent that goes into the creation of a good design.
I get a quick rush as I gasp at the unexpected beauty in the simplicity of design in a unique silver fork. When the thought that went into it is so clearly evident, in how well it fits my hand. The fact he (or she) put the time into incorporating the needed ergonomics without sacrificing the beauty means a lot to me, and draws me to the piece.
I am thrilled when a logo makes sense, when the artist knew better than to make the logo itself, the center of attention. A well thought out logo, draws the consumer into the company or product it represents. It makes sense, and supports the mission of its sponsor. Like a well made up face, a good logo is doing its job when you don’t see just the logo; you recognize, and better yet – remember the company or product. A well designed logo enhances; it does not take over.
Those truly gifted designers, who have mastered the genius in subtlety, absolutely blow me away. I admire and envy their sense of restraint and ability to understand the bare minimum needed to be pleasing to the eye and provide balance to the psyche of the person taking it all in.
Walk into a well-planned room designed to be inviting, and you feel warm and welcomed, you feel it in the very core of your being. You are calmer in the space; you have a sense of balance and harmony. It just feels inexplicably right, you want to sit down, and stay awhile.
Creative and clean design invites you in. When it is pure and clear in its mission, it will be the catalyst that ignites your imagination and the possibilities beyond what you see on the surface. It encourages you to look deeper, past the obvious. It challenges your preconceived ideas. It plays with your senses. It is absolutely provocative in how it intrigues you.
When you suddenly see the history behind the old building and not just look at it in passing you are being influenced by the design. When you suddenly recognize how the lines tease your eye or how the building plays with the shadows during different parts of the day; you have grown in your perspective. When you can hear the architect’s story, you are paying him the best compliment of all. When someone else’s vision changes your perspective, you take a piece of them with you, and knowingly or not, it will influence you. When you draw on that experience and incorporate in one of your creative endeavors you will have kept the architects story alive.
There is yin and yang in the world, there are opposing forces pushing and pulling at us all day. A provocative design will surround you in the midst of opposing energy and bring balance and harmony to your senses; ultimately good designs provide relief from the cacophony of stimuli that surrounds us.

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