Sunday, December 21, 2008

ThirTEEN Fun Ways to Hang with Your Teens! - Teen Parenting Series #6

Quick guide to activities your teens may actually want to do with you! Teen Tip of the Day - Make it their day with you, not your day with them. Know what I mean? Perhaps asking them to go antiquing with you for "time together" isn't the best idea, doesn't really say, "hey, I wanna hang out with you." Because parents, the sooner you face it, the easier life is: in their world, from their perspective... it is all about them. Especially when it comes to their time and presence. You want in? Jump in to their world for awhile. More time together opens the door to them stepping in to your world once in awhile!
  1. Challenge another family of similar ages to a paint ball challenge.
  2. Lazer tag, "the rents vs. kids," have lunch together afterwards.
  3. Have a "hang out" at your house, not necessarily a party, just a bunch of their closest friends. Movies, TV, chips, m&ms... have a few games out and about... your being there to get more food etc.,... your in on it, your chatting with them and their friends...
  4. Weather still decent? Host a neighborhood "manhunt" game. Bad weather? Play poker.
  5. Flag football in the back.
  6. Bowling - lots of towns have new "hip" bowling alleys, in our area its 300 and Lucky Strike Lanes.
  7. Go to the Movies.
  8. Learn to play PS2, Wii or DDR - DDR will get you in shape too! I know I've tried and died!
  9. Take 'em shopping for the other parent.
  10. Take them out practice driving for those with learners, or about to get learners.
  11. Ask them to teach you to make those cool backgrounds they have on their facebooks.
  12. Give the dog a bath together.... always makes for good pics!
  13. Help them paint and/or decorate their room - the way THEY want it painted - it's only paint!

Parental Slip-Up Warning: Don't blow it by spending the time asking a gazillion questions, just hang... you'll be surprised what slips out, what little gifts of knowledge about their world they slip in here and there.

Even though I've posted what I consider 13 great ways to hang; I'm always looking for new ideas... always looking for a new and different, creative way to connect without "crowding" my three teens.

With my oldest preparing to go away to college, I admit, It's freaking me out a little.

In a way it is the beginning of the "end!" The end of him living here, of this being HIS home, the end of seeing him every day, even if its just for a moment or two.

So... I'm on a quest - I'm searching to gather as many "cool" fun ways to hang with him that aren't smothering him, and ways to get more time with my other two before they fly the coop too.

Feels like a took a nap and forgot to wake up! When did our kids, my babies, turn into grown people?

If you could post your ideas in the comments section, I will gather all for one nice long list and post here!

From my perspective, it helps to have a village expand my world and therefore, my perception.

Thanks for reading!


Sogeshirtsguy said...

that is great advice. I'm not a parent but kids seem to be much more open when their parents are having fun with them in activities they enjoy and not asking probing questions.

Jessica said...

I think you can be a parent first and then also a friend...I always want to think of myself as one of my kids friends!

This is my first time to your blog, feel free to stop by and say hello at my blog as well and if you wish follow my blog and if your blog has that option Ill be happy to return the favor.