Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Inaugural Event Update: Verizon Center Youth Concert, Lincoln Memorial Steps & Warner Theater

Monday, January 18th, Martin Luther King's Birthday is being celebrated as a day of community service. I was really excited and happy to learn that both the President and Vice-President Elect and their families will be spending part of the day performing community service in the DC area! GO OBAMA and JOE, whadda way to LEAD BY EXAMPLE. What a way to ignite interest in community service, especially to our Nation's teens. The Washington Post is reporting there are rumors of BRUCE performing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. This Mom and her kids will definitely be there to enjoy the show, the people, the energy and the overall vibe on the mall in anticipation of the big day. "E" Online is reporting Jay Z has revealed plans to play in a "one-off" performance the evening before the inauguration, at the Warner Theater along with Mary J Blige and Diddy - all active supporters of Obama on the campaign trail. So far it has not been reported that the President Elect will be attending that show. The first ever "Inaugural Youth Concert" at the Verizon Center on the eve of the inauguration is quite the buzz among the youth of Washington, yet when first announced the only details were it would be FREE, but tickets would be required. According to Fox 5 News (Channel 5 in the DC Metro area), the ever popular Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus have been invited to perform at this concert! DC will be a sparkling city full of stars, both the political kind and those of New York and Hollywood for the weekend of events and Monday. Between the parties and events, both official and non official star gazers in DC may be able catch glimpses of all of the stars mentioned above, in addition to a wide ranging group including Sting, Elvis Costello, the Queen of Soul - Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick, George Clinton, Chaka Khan and Alicia Keys to Yo Yo Ma and Izhak Perlman! Rumors of Stevie Wonder and Barbara Striesand possibly performing are also floating around the city. Locals are hoping to catch site of some of the stars known for their involvement with the Creative Coalition (a group organized to bring Hollywood closer to the political scene and social causes), many of whom were very supportive of Obama throughout the campaign. Perhaps those stars in attendance at the Democratic National Convention will also be in town; that would include the likes of Susan Sarandon, Spike Lee, Anne Hathaway and Josh Lucas. Once I can get the 411 on not only HOW to get tickets for the youth concert at the VERIZON CENTER, in DC and possibly nail down some names of headliners and performers, I will post it immediately! The city is all a buzz, you can feel it in the air, one would think the ground below our feet is vibrating with the anticipation and excitement over the next 7 days!

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Art Is...Slan said...

Great Post! You come up as number 2 on a search for the Youth Concert!! I read your "profile" and could have sworn I was reading about myself!! Very similar life steps and now my 15 year old daughter and her Dad are getting excited about coming in from NY to be a part of the 19/20 festivities. I can't find anything about the youth concert and as an obsessed JBro fan (that is putting it really mildly), I am trying to keep up to speed on the latest! I will be sure to check in! Sallianne