Saturday, January 10, 2009

Inaugural Eve Concert and Parade Bleacher Seats - Sold out In Minutes

The concert, "Concert on the Eve of Change" on Monday January 19th tickets went on sale and not surprisingly, sold out all on the morning of Friday, January 9th. Warner Theater is a historic and "cozy" theater seating just over 1,800. Those who were able to get tickets will defintely enjoy the show! Jay Z's performance, along with his full band, will be a memorable night for all who attend for sure. Tickets for the unassigned bleacher seats along the Inaugural Parade route sold out on Friday, January 9th. WTOP in Washington reported that Ticketmaster sold all 5,000tickets at $25.00 each in less than one minute. Those still looking for tickets can still buy them, being sold on line. On Ebaby one seller posted 4 tickets for $2,009.09. Not having tickets to the parade only means not having a seat in the bleachers. With the parade route on Pennsylania Avenue it will be closed; for getting to the parade from Metro, the reccommended route is the 3rd Street Tunnel that runs under the mall which will be opened to pedstrians only all day. Metro site has a great MAP for those hitting the sitting via Metro and walking. Don't drive and don't count on Taxis, DC isn't New York, plus it seems as if more DC roads will be closed than opened! For the best and easiest to read resource on traffic alerts and road closures, WTOP has a great listing.

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