Saturday, January 10, 2009

Obama and Biden's Whistle Stop Tour to Inauguration - Another Family Event Opportunity

Whistle stop stations to inauguration provides families additional opportunities to participate in Inauguration Excitement Outside of DC. Philadelphia, Newark, Baltimore and DC train stations all involved. Obama and Biden will make their way to the inauguration via Amtrack departing from Philadelphia, Saturday January 17th, at the 30th Street Station. Obama and his family will then pick up the Biden Family in Delaware. The special charter train will then stop in Baltimore, Maryland for another event, before arriving in their new hometown, Washington, DC! Thousands are expected to line the trains path in and out of each city to catch a glimpse of the Presidential charter train. The route, 137 miles of track, will be manned by thousands of officers from a reported 40 different jurisdictions. Throngs of crowds are expected to try and catch a glimpse of the train at overpasses, parking lots, bridges, etc. In 1968, an estimated million people came out to see RFK's funeral train traveling from New York to Washington, while that was in June, this is probably a fairly reliable gauge for what you can expect this time. This train ride is another example of those planning the inauguration events striving to make this inaugration one of the most open and accesible inaugurations in history; they want to involve as many Americans who want to participate, but can't be or don't want to be in DC. Perhaps this is their way of thanking the people of America who started a grass roots campaign and showed the world everyone's vote does count. Obama and Biden are not the first to arrive in DC via train, in addition to Bill Clinton, other historic presidents such as Washington and Lincoln also rode the rails to their big day. It seems as if Obama has come full circle in honoring Abraham Lincoln; from his annoucement for his candidacy just about 1 year ago in Springfield, Illinois- to travelling to his big day by train (as Lincoln did from Illinois to DC for his inauguration). In a statement released by the Inaugural Committee those chosen to ride along with Obama and Biden to Washington will represent the wide variety of struggles and triumphs of Americans who made "extraordinary contributions to the life of this country." From a workers' rights advocate, to a soldier whose working to help those struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, to people whose lives have been directly affected by the economic down turn and recently lost their jobs. One lucky rider is the conducter who would see Joe Biden's face each day as he commuted to DC from his home in Delaware. After years of providing Joe a ride to work; Joe is now giving the conducter and his family a ride they will never forget! The campaign driven by the people, continues to do everything to acknowledge those people.

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