Saturday, March 28, 2009

Move Over Marley, TANK is in the House!

Life with Tank, a full grown Lab tipping the scales at 125 lbs, who thinks he is a lap dog at times and and lives each day like a perpetual toddler!

TANK - our 125 lb Yellow Lab, was plunked into our lives 9 years ago. It all started so innocently. On our way to church our kids mentioned their was a Lab Rescue event going on at the Pet Smart we pass on the way.

We agreed to do a quick stop just to see how a rescue event worked. My middle son and I were immediately drawn to this massive hunk of a dog with the most gentle brown eyes we had ever seen.

He was the largest, calmest and most quiet dog there. It was love at first site. Before we knew it we were dog owners. As I walked him around Pet Smart picking up what we needed, someone commented to us that our dog was big as a tank! Now we had our dog and a name for him too!

Life has not been the same since that fateful July day. The dog who didn't bark and would run for the first 3 or 4 days has been the source of many hilarious stories and just as many frustrating days.

Tank's Tales are all about my puppy who never grew up; Tank's Tales have been in the making for 9 years, way too many for one post, but plenty for lots of fun and humorous posts.

Oh yeah - after our first week of living with Tank, we were all convinced he had been drugged on Zanax or something the day we adopted him!

From eating ground coffee to re-modeling our friends house Tank is my fourth child, or fifth - if you count my husband. And who doesn't count their husband?

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