Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My All Time Favorite Dad has Landed on Twitter - Welcome Bill Cosby!

Bill Cosby, or should I say, @JelloPudding has landed on Twitter. (Photo from Twitter profile). His account appears to be the real deal. I for one, am very excited at the prospect of reading his tweets. I would imagine they will either make me laugh out loud or immediately impress me with their wisdom.

I have admired, looked up to and laughed until I had tears, listening to and watching Bill Cosby since I was about 6 years old. My family would (gasp!) listen to his albums on my dad's stereo. Watching my dad listen to Cos was almost as funny as listening to the man himself!

Beyond Mr. Cosby's comic genius, is the soul of a truly good human being, a parent who is not shy about expressing his love and commitment to his family. Mr. Cosby stood up and spoke out about the effect the lack of parenting in households across America was having on today's youth. Despite a small backlash of public outcry weakly accusing him of turning his back on his roots, he held firm in his stance, because not only was he right; it was too important to back down from.

His obvious love and respect for his wife, Camille, has always been obvious. He is also a man that is smart enough to understand how to make a long lasting relationship not only work, but thrive! (Visualize - popular routine regarding how he knew he was bigger, stronger, faster, his voice was deeper; and yet, he somehow he had dropped in the pecking order in his household, exactly when, he ponders out loud did his wife do this?)

Recently Mr. Cosby was announced as the next Mark Twain Award recipient, one of the highest honors in comedy and story. telling

Parents, if you want your kids to see that you can laugh until you cry without hearing every other word bleeped out, if you want your kids to see the humor in the everyday things in life, to witness some of the best physical comedy, to know what real neighborhood fun is - download some great classic Cosby.

From my Perspective, we need more Bill Cosby's in the world. We need his humor, his passion for advancing and protecting our youth, and we need more of his deliciously silly smile and roll of his eyes.

Welcome Bill Cosby, Welcome to Twitter, please do jump in and share your humor and wisdom with us all, we will all be the better for it!

One of my favorites - Natural Childbirth - OMG, the parents badge of honor - I always send this to people when they find out they are with child for the first time!

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