Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cleaning out My Closet-Not the Song by Artist I Can't Spell, Sounds like M&Ms

To be honest, it's not really cleaning out my closet, thats next week - but I thought that was catchy! I'm cleaning hard today, I mean Spring Time HAUL It Outta Here Cleaning in all three kids rooms. I do the ugly job on my own (or with their help) but in keeping with mom clean it up standards twice a year. They do it the rest of the year.

To make this unpleaseant, but very necessary, chore more fun I've decided to host my very first contest on line. (Okay, I'm a newbie). I'm not sellin' anything, trust me. I'm just trying to make the next two days go by faster and be more fun. (I started yesterday on my daughter's room, today is part II.

Here's the scoop:

3 categories:

  • Room #1: 14 (going on 17 in her mind) girl's room. Guess how many makeup stains on her carpet? Foundation is the WORST to try and get out of carpets.
  • Room #2: 17 year old boy Guess how many towels in his room on his floor?
  • Room #3: And this is the biggie, 19 year old home from school - dumped his stuff and went to the beach. HOW many "single socks" will I find in his room?
  • BONUS grand prize, how much time will it take to clean just the 19 year old's room?

    Entry is simple - post your your guesses here in comments, entries no longer accepted after midnight Monday, May 25th. I will post answers with as much proof as I can offer (pics etc.,) and announce winners. Prizes $5.00 Starbucks Card for each winner/per room who comments with the correct answer or closest to the correct answer!

Bonus: Guess how long it took and I'll send you the weirdest thing I found in their rooms. Nah, just kidding, $10.00 gift card for you! :)

My Disclaimer - this ain't serious, no legal fine print, no big deal - all just for kicks. Don't get all technical on me. I'm off to clean. Perhaps I'll post teasers on progress.... Thanks for helping my day go by with a smirk on my face guessing who is or isn't entering a guess.

BTW if the winner is also a member/follower or whatever you call it on my blog - I'm doubling the prize as a special thank you!


Katie said...

OMG mom - you lost it! LOL
thnks for clenaing my room!KT

Lolli said...

You are hilarious! My guess is 12 hours total....and 5 hours for the 19 year old's room. Haha! Good luck!

Michele (@chictots) said...

Room #1: 8 makeup stains
Room #2: 5 towels on the floor
Room #3: 12 single socks in his room
Bonus: 4 hours to clean (how bad can it be, he was away at college, right?)
Good luck with cleaning. This contest is hilarious.

Lolli said...

OK--obviously, I didn't read very well earlier!
#1: 12 stains
#2: 3 towels
#3: 15 socks
I'm sticking with the 6 hours just to clean his room! Good luck!

The Mom said...

It was a busy week -- couldn't update until now.

Room #1 18 Makeup stains, and a few other stains I couldnt' tell what they were.

Room #2 0 towels - I almost fell down when I walked in.. I think he heard I was blogging about it, hmmm

Room #3 19 indiviudal socks that did not match any of the others - geesh!

Bonus From start to finish 3.5 hrs.