Sunday, May 24, 2009

Have Fun Getting Fit while Hangin' with the Family!

Last night my kids and I played 'too many to count' - matches of tennis a few games of bowling and a round of boxing. All without leaving our house. My husband jumped in, playing the winners every now and then. I even matched some socks in between matches - of TENNIS! Ahh, the joys of our new Wii.

Now, with the latest and greatest in Wii fun - a fitness program that has users sweating up a storm while getting a kick butt workout -- you can get it all without leaving your house and family.

In the past, I've only bought EA Sports games for our kids, (my boys love, among others, the FIFA and Madden lines). Now I'm encouraging all of us to to check out EA's new Fitness-Workout: EASports Active - Personal Trainer! .

This program is great for the family to have fun and get a work out right at home!

I'm thinking for those kids who don't seem to engage unless it's animated, interactive and quick to click, EASports Active, may be part of the solution.

This is way more than a game, but I'll call it a 'game' to get my kids in on it with me!

I also think it's just the thing for me! After recently buying our Wii system, I noticed a downward trend on my scale! Pleasantly surprised, I realized why!

Instead of couch potatoing at night watching fave shows or clicking on line, my kids and I were having heated round robins of tennis, boxing other dance type games and more!

JUST MOVING AROUND THAT LITTLE BIT MORE each night was all my body needed to coax it out being content at being sendentary!

No longer content 'crashing' after the evening's cycle of events, boob toobing my way to heavy lids, I'm antsy; I want to walk, or lately, I want to continue our familiy's on-going tennis tournament! Experiencing a mild high on fitting things that didn't a few months ago, I'm inspired to want more!

I first learned about the Wii program EASports Active on a fave web site:, (who, in the interest of true transparency - also happens to be my neice). Her posts got my attention.

But the hook, what really made me want the new EASports ACTIVE, was seeing her mid-way through her 30 Day Challenge at a family gathering and thinking DAMN - she is back to highschool weight or less!

From using the EASports Active on Wii, and adjusting eating habits Jessica is lookin' hot! Needless to say, I was (am) very impressed with what she's achieving. 13 years older than her, I'm not reaching for High School Weight. I would love to achieve 'before baby #3,' or 'even pre-baby #2 weight.'

Who knows, with more buzz from weight loss success, perhaps I'll get crazy, and go for 'Before Babies in the Picture' weight! Now that would be amazing! It would also represent a 45 pound weight loss. It would be life changing.

It might also mean a belly button piercing! (I've threatened that in the past, thinking I was safe...) My daughter would just die! After three C-sections my body just never quite got back to where it was. At first, chasing after 3 kids close in age kept the weight from piling on, but my shape ? It just never was the same. Parents have you seen this pattern in your life?

  1. Young kids - parental unit not bad, just a bit 'loose'
  2. Late elem, beginning middle school - more sitting in the car than anything and a quick 5 or 10 lbs scare you!
  3. All in Middle School or above, more sedentary time; too tired to go to gym because your staying up late because of kids and your work, family, sports schedules..
  4. All kids in High School, more pounds when stay at home parent goes to work.... at a DESK - oh crap, thats where I am!


In the last four years working in an office I've gained almost 20 lbs! I want to play hard with my future grandkids! At this weight, I'll be lucky to be able to babysit them when their babies. I need to lose weight! My kids won't be home with me much longer and I want to take minimal time away from family while they are still here with me!

With EASports Active, I'll be able to exercise at home WITH family!

With EASports Active and some eating habit changes I'm on the right path!

This summer, oldest is home from his first year in college, middle child is starting the whole college visit routines, my baby will start highschool in three months. With this limited time left with my kids, I don't want to spend all my exercising time away from home in a gym. But I realize, I can't delay getting back in to shape and living healthier.

If I can do it all: be with my kids, have fun with them, and get in shape... I'm a fool not to go for it!

Look for more info here as I begin my 30 day challenge, and hopefully wrangle my 14 year old daughter into jumping (literally) in with me! See how frumpy mama and the 'too cool for school - hip chick' do as we challenge each other to new levels of fitness!

We're a slightly competitive, 'sportsy,' family (JessicaKnows will vouch for that). I'm hoping this will turn into a family fitness summer, and along the way - a healthier me!

From my perspective, as parents we set the bar for respecting our bodies, our health and showing appreciation for what we have by taking care of it. If we don't why would we expect our children to?

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