Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6th, 2009 the 65th Anniversary of D-day - Do Your Kids Know What D-day Is?

Too many of us take our personal freedoms for granted and do not realize the price that was paid so we could be free to speak our mind, to worship as we desire, and to be free from fear of our government.

No, the freedom we enjoy today was not easily won, and it wasn't for free, too many people paid too high a price so we could live the lifestyles we live today.

The generation of men who fought that insurmountable battle on Dday so selflessly, won't be with us much longer to share first hand, their experiences that day, or during any battle in the war.

If your child has a grandparent or great grandparent alive that was old enough to remember the war, and the changes our country went through during that time, have them interview their grands, and better yet, tape their interview for their children's children.

No relatives alive from that era? Borrow one. It's just too important not do connect with that generation before they are gone or unable to remind us of the horrors of war, the horrendous loss of life, the sacrifices at home to support the war and everything else needed to be heard.

Memories fade much too quickly to give justice to the sacrifices made that day, to the sacrifices of an entire generation.

Any WWII vet that was involved in combat will usually be the first one to stand up and voice the many reasons our country should always, always try diplomacy and any other means necessary to avoid going to war.

This too, is an important life lesson for all of us to remember.

Children learning when they are children, how to get along with all walks of life are the children that grow up to be leaders, voters and civil servants working hard to get along with all walks of life of different nations, religions, colors and languages.

No matter a person's native language, we all speak the language of humanity. I challenge you to find any person, of any color, in any any free nation, that does not appreciate belonging, being loved, being valued and being free.

Those men who lost their lives, or changed their lives forever, did so for you, for me, and for all of our children to follow; they did this so all of us would have the freedoms we enjoy today, and will continue to enjoy tomorrow.

That is why you should have your children talk to those who were there. History is best learned in a first hand exchange between those who were there, and those who were not. The interaction of storytelling from one generation to another was, in a way, the first internet. The exchanging of information from one group to another.

That pivotal battle on Omaha Beach, D-day - June 6th, 1944 and the numerous conflicts that followed are the reason we can blog our opinions, march on the Mall in DC for the causes we believe in, write letters to the White House, and much, much more - all without any negative repercussions from our government. That doesn't happen everywhere, and our kids need to know this!

* If you really can't interview someone than go here for a start: listen, look and learn:

Read Tom Brokaws The Greatest Generation


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the D-Day vets are happy to see the USGov allowing the country to be invaded by Mexico. I know I'd be extremely pissed if I fought in WWII to see what the US has become. American Women are the most ungrateful, spoiled creatures on the planet.

Besides, before Israel existed, the USA didn't have any enemies in the Middle East. There's a lot more behind WWII. The fact that Hitler is always the focus is a great smokescreen as to what's really going on. The quest for one world government and one currency.

The USA is an illusion. Wake up from your social engineering.

The Mom said...

You are obviously very passionate in your beliefs, and that is your perogitive, but I'm curious, why would someone so emphatic about their perspective feel the need to voice it anonymously?

I also don't recall my post mentioning Hitler once.

I am also wide awake, my thoughts are only engineered on my own. I'm open to new ways of looking at things though, if you would like to do a much better job at explaining your opinion, as right now it is only coming off as a rant, not anything well thought out.

mmmarcus said...

I'm with the mum on this one.

It seems to me like you're in your own little bubble where the world is crashing down around you, everyone is becoming fat and lazy and there's no hope for this world. I agree with the fact that there's alot going on with the world, but seriously mate - you gotta wake up and smell the roses. I dun think the DDay vets would cheer you on for bagging out the current America and Americans that they saw their mates die for.

But check out what the mum's doing. Put her time and effort into setting up this blog to help out other mum's to put time and effort into helping out their kids grow up and be the leaders and the generation that will shape the world tomorrow.